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May 20, 2015

Why the symptom checker is a key tool to enable ‘Choosing Wisely’

The UK version of the US Choosing Wisely campaign was launched this week. The aim of the campaign is to reduce wasteful medical practices. The..
May 13, 2015

Could you be making a diagnostic error? How to avoid Cognitive Bias

Diagnosis is the first and most important decision made about a patient - it determines all subsequent treatment and determines the course of each..
May 6, 2015

The Royal Baby is Here! Some Tips on Sun Safety for Infants

If you’re a fan of the Royals, you probably spent your weekend glued to the live feeds of #RoyalBabyWatch waiting for the announcement that royal..
April 29, 2015

Amenorrhea (Absent Periods) | 1 Minute Read | Symptom Information

Amenorrhea is the absence of menstruation or monthly periods. It may occur in women before the menarche (before periods have started), after the..
April 22, 2015

Medical Screening - No Substitute for an Informed Patient

Two interesting stories appeared in the press recently covering very different approaches to medical diagnosis. The first is a targeted approach and..
April 15, 2015

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Hay Fever

Hay fever season is upon us, and if you suffer from this seasonal allergy, soon, if you’re not already, you’ll be sneezing every minute and wanting..
April 8, 2015

Food Poisoning - Knowledge is Prevention on World Health Day 2015

Yesterday marked this year’s World Health Day, meaning the World Health Organization (WHO) select a subject of growing concern surrounding global..
April 1, 2015

6 Tips for Successful Differential Diagnosis Tool Adoption

Implementing any new system or protocol into a large and busy environment such as a hospital can be daunting, and it can often seem like there are..
January 16, 2015

Symptom checker- vital tool for patients in brave new world

In the space of just two weeks, a paper has appeared and a new UK government task force has been launched which both point to the important role that..
November 26, 2014

Travel History & Diagnostic Decision Support Tools in the Ebola Fight

I wrote about Ebola and the importance of mobile diagnosis decision support in 2012 when the last outbreak occurred. Now in 2014, West Africa is..
October 23, 2014

5 Year Forward Report - NHS England Key points on Diagnosis

NHS England today 23rd October 2014 has published its 5 Year Forward Report which shows the NHS is at a cross road and needs to change and improve as..
February 24, 2014

Stuff You Should Know About Symptom Checkers

There is increasing coverage and discussion in the press about the empowered consumer and all the tools that are now available for people to use to..