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January 13, 2012

HIT Leadership Cheat Sheet: Diagnosis Decision Support DDS

Excerpt from John Gomez, CEO of JGo Labs "Leadership Cheat Sheet for HIT Executives" from HISTalk 1/11/12

"Recently I developed a Leadership Cheat Sheet for clients and friends. The document provided guidance on how to evolve your leadership style and suggestions on avoiding common leadership mistakes. As we move into 2012 (wow, 2012 sounds so Buck Rogers, doesn’t it?) I started thinking about a cheat sheet for HIT executives that helps them evolve their strategies and hopefully avoid technological mistakes in the coming year. By no means is this cheat sheet a comprehensive end-all, be-all, but rather a high-level guide of what to consider in the coming year.


"To boldly go where…” you know the rest of the line, I am sure. So what about the cool Star Trek stuff? Well, I do think that you will see subtle shifts in 2012 that have long-term implications, but I am not sure if we are going to remember 2012 as the year that changed the face of healthcare forever. That said, for those leading edge organizations out there, I do think that there are some things you can start evaluating.

Some of my things to watch are DDS (diagnostic decision support), healthcare gaming, robotic aides, and large-scale data analysis, as well as the application of social graphs to patient care and collaboration. Each of these has a backdrop of affecting patient throughput and managing costs. SiemensClock 302x302 with hands resized 600

For instance, DDS can help drive better decision-making in shorter amounts of time, freeing up clinicians to see more patients or spend time with patients.

Healthcare gaming provides the opportunity to reduce readmissions, improve wellness, and educate patients. Robotic aides will at some point help drive care, though challenges with battery life and size make this a long-term realization. Large-scale data analysis, social graphs, and related technologies are also very much in their infancy, but there is promise and opportunity for those organizations looking for leading-edge game changers.

The Cheat: Pick one or two leading edge technologies that can provide long term differentiation to your organization.

Read the entire cheat sheet.

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