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Build your Digital Front Door with Isabel Symptom Checker / Self-Triage API

Healthcare consumers demand easy access to the right healthcare services. The Isabel Symptom Checker/ Self-Triage API solution makes it easy to meet that demand via all of your channels.  No matter how the patient is engaged, e.g., chatbot, patient portal, website home page, app, integrated into appointment process, call center, etc., the Isabel API provides full white labelling across all channels to provide a seamless and consistent user experience. 

Why use Isabel in your platform?

The Isabel API outperforms all others in many ways:

  • User Experience - – Only asks 11 standard questions (not 30-50 or more) to drive care recommendation in less than 90 seconds resulting in higher engagement and conversions
  • Never forces a patient to choose their “most important symptom” or self-diagnose to get the care recommendation
  • Covers over 6,000 conditions (compared to 200 to 700 common conditions for others)
  • Allows for unlimited symptoms to be entered either in true free text or from pick list (others force user to pick from limited fixed list)
  • Isabel covers all ages from newborn to senior
  • True JSON API allows for complete white label of the engine into your workflow
  • Isabel is independently validated (20+ studies/articles vs 0-1 for others)
  • The engine is based on the Isabel Pro DDX generator trusted by clinicians for over 20 years and used by over 250 health institutions around the world! (Isabel is the only company that provides a professional tool as well as a consumer facing tool in this space)
  • It is the most accurate tool available (96% of time Isabel shows final diagnosis in top 10)
  • Isabel performs as well or better in triage when compared with popular nurse triage protocols
  • Isabel is available in several languages namely English, Spanish, German and Arabic with many others being developed

Symptom Checker API Developer Tools

Isabel's API represents extended functionality to completely integrate with any client, in any user experience or triage workflow. Isabel's API accepts requests in a URL format with responses returned in a structured JSON/JSONP format.  Isabel's API  provides a  simple, straight forward implementation to get your organization reaping the benefits ASAP.  Our recent new release further enhances speed and makes deploying multiple languages simple.

Isabel provides comprehensive API documentation, a complete Sandbox environment for build and testing and a detailed clinical consultation to ensure that patients get to appropriate venues of care at your organization based on the services you provide.  To learn more and get access, simply fill out the request below.


Carlos Cuevas

CEO & Co-Founder, Nuup Corp

"Working with Isabel's team has been extremely easy! They are very accessible and helpful! It has been great experience!”


Matt Yagey

CEO, MedChat

“We found the Isabel Symptom Checker/Triage API straightforward and easy to use. The documentation was clear and concise.  Support from the Isabel team was outstanding. Embedding the Isabel tools into any workflow or UX is easily accomplished!”


Ted Miller, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer, Prompt Health

“Our work with the team at Isabel Healthcare has been exemplary. The sandbox environment covers all we need. The APIs are logical and straightforward. Best of all though, is the willingness by all at Isabel to give advice and guidance in the use cases we are developing to better deliver patient agency and informed clinician choice."


Dhruv Suyamprakasam

CEO iCliniq

“Being a global player in the digital health space we constantly innovate to give better care to our patients with the best possible experience on our platform. In this endeavor we came across Isabel's Symptom checker/self-triage, and it perfectly fits into our vision to give accurate findings to the patients and at the same time be sensitive to the Physician's time.” stated iCliniq’s CEO, Dhruv Suyamprakasam. “We are excited about the partnership and the benefits it will provide our users.”

cooper health logo

Moniruzzaman Khan

CEO  CooperHealth AI

“We are excited to partner with Isabel Healthcare to realize our common vision of making healthcare more accessible and available to everyone. We at Cooper, leverage the power of AI to help people manage their health conditions with personalized vital analytics. Isabel’s symptom checker / self-triage gives our users a unique offering to get better understanding of their symptoms and make better care decisions. With Isabel’s powerful symptom checker and our vital analytics platform, we believe that we can achieve better personal health management.”

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