Download our eBook: Isabel Client Success Stories

Physicians nationwide rely on the Isabel diagnosis decision support tool. Download a collection of Isabel client success stories to find out how hospitals and clinics have leveraged the power of Isabel to diagnose their patients. 

Learn how:

  • Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital (MFCH) uses Isabel to research alternative diagoses quickly and efficiently
  • MacNeal Hospital enhances the diagnosis skills of new doctors with Isabel 
  • Lakewood Family Medicine team uses Isabel for tricky patient cases and has resovled several patient diagnosis mysteries
  • Rosalind Franklin Medical School has used Isabel since 2007 in their med students' curriculum to teach diagnosis skills and thwart premature closure.

With the Isabel Client Success Story eBook, get a glimpse into how hospitals who use Isabel are improving patient care, reducing readmissions and referrals, and lowering healthcare costs. Simply fill in the form to receive your copy.