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December 5, 2011

Who Is Isabel? Watch the Story Behind Isabel Healthcare

Watch the Story of Isabel of Isabel Healthcare:

The Story of Isabel
Jason and Charlotte Maude co-founded Isabel Healthcare in July 1999 after their then 3 year old daughter Isabel was nearly fatally misdiagnosed by her local hospital. Isabel spent two months in hospital, including a month in PICU after experiencing multiple organ failure and cardiac arrest.

Isabel’s extensive suffering could have been avoided if the local emergency department and family physicians, instead of assuming her symptoms were typical of the chicken pox from which she was also suffering, had stopped to ask ‘what else could this be?’ Isabel was later diagnosed to be suffering from well-described complications of chicken pox: Toxic Shock Syndrome and Necrotising Fasciitis.

Rather than suing the hospital for the error Isabel Healthcare was created, in honor of Isabel Maude and all patients whose lives have been impacted by missed or delayed diagnosis, to help clinicians around the world do the best job for their patients.

After two years of research and validation led by Dr. Ramnarayan, the pediatric version of the Isabel diagnostic tool was launched in June 2002. With support from the UK Department of Health, the UK National Health Service and other key medical institutions, Isabel quickly gained credibility and support from around the world.
Within months of its launch, the system attracted more than 20,000 users from over 100 countries. Impressed with the system’s high levels of speed and accuracy, demand rapidly grew for an adult version which was launched in January 2005 and is now used by many top-rated hospitals in the United States and around the world. In 2009 The American Medical Association selected Isabel to be the diagnosis decision support tool within its new physician portal launched in 2010.

Modern medicine can work miracles and proof is how Isabel herself was brought back from the brink and is now a healthy and beautiful 16 year old girl. The Isabel system helps clinicians avoid letting other patients, like Isabel, unnecessarily becoming dangerously ill.

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