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Learn "Why and How to Improve Diagnosis Decision Making" in the White Paper by Isabel Healthcare, Forward by Mark Graber, MD.

Diagnosis is the first and most important decision made about the patient. It determines all subsequent treatment and the course of each patient encounter. How well this decision is made, therefore, is one of the most significant determinants of healthcare quality and efficiency.

Read the 15 page White Paper to:

  • Learn the 5 major areas of improvement achievable from using diagnosis tools
  • The main causes of diagnostic error and potential solutions
  • Learn what diagnosis tools are available
  • Get 10 tips for successful diagnosis tool adoption
  • How to build a Return on Investment case

You will also hear from Mark Graber, MD, professor and patient safety expert, on how to avoid diagnosis errors.

Diagnosis assistance tools have evolved considerably over the past decades.  The growing body of research on the practical application of these tools and their contribution to improvements in efficiency and care quality suggest high value impact on the delivery of high quality, cost effective care.

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