Isabel iPhone App: Differential Diagnosis Support Assistant

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Isabel™ -- helping you get to the right diagnosis quicker

The Isabel app provides access to diagnosis assistance and clinical resources on demand.

Isabel is a validated medical app that enables clinicians to search for diagnoses by multiple signs and symptoms. It provides iPhone access to the “professional grade” Isabel system covering all ages and over 6,000 diseases that is used by health systems and doctors around the world. The Isabel system has been extensively validated, with the results appearing in over 30 peer reviewed medical journals. It has also been written about in books and newspapers and highlighted by patient safety organisations as a helpful tool to use in the clinician’s diagnosis process.


  • Search database of more than 6,000 disease presentations by multiple signs and symptoms
  • ‘Don’t miss’ diseases highlighted
  • Enter terms in free text
  • Results focused by age and gender
  • Results can be refined by travel history
  • Links from diagnosis to knowledge from a customisable list of mobile web resources.
  • Share results
  • Requires online access
  • Intended for use by healthcare professionals only

How Isabel Started: Isabel Healthcare was started in 1999 after the founder’s daughter, Isabel, was badly misdiagnosed and had to spend three weeks in intensive care. She just survived, and today is a healthy teenager. This experience was the inspiration behind the development of the Isabel tool that was designed to help doctors with diagnostic doubt by providing them with a list of likely diseases for a given set of signs and symptoms.

Pricing Options: Weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions are available to meet varying needs. With the weekly option, use Isabel for those important case challenges for less than a cup of coffee! Please note that the app is free to download but you need to take out a subscription to access the system.

Download Now: Get the new Isabel App for your iPhone or iPad from the iTunes App Store at or simply type Isabel into the App Store search box on your iPhone or iPad.

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